Our farm

The                               place The farm lies sheltered by the ocean on the beautiful island of Averøy, 3 kilometers outside the small community Kårvåg. The city is less than an hour away, whether you choose Molde or Kristiansund, which are both beautiful, distinctive towns.

Mountains                               and fjords A coastal landscape with heathery hills, mountains and creeks define the area around the farm. The proximity to the ocean and the mountains makes this a fantastic setting with all kinds of possibilities for outdoor activities, whether you want to go hiking in the mountains or on the rocks along the coast, go fishing in the rivers and sea for salmon and trout, or try to catch the big cod.

                               Otter, elk and deer…                                The varied terrain provides a rich and varied wildlife.  Moose, elk, and deer live here, and by the dock on the farm lives an otter family. To spot a white-tailed eagle up close is an experience of a lifetime, something that can't be taken for granted.

Sheep                               and other animals                                We keep a varied selection of animals on our farm. Our sheep stock counts 180 ewes, and they get 300-400 lambs to stir things up every year. We also have cows, chicken, horses, a dog and a cat.

                               Farm shop                                We try to manage the resources from the farm through selling varied kind of cured meat in our farm shop,along with fresh meat and salami.

All                               year!                                Not only can you enjoy the summer on Averøy, but also have great experiences in the winter. Snow-covered  mountains are only a short drive away, either locally  or in the region. You can go downhill skiing by Molde or cross-country skiing at Skaret. In short: - Vågen Gård is the vacation and leisure place to be all year!