Food & beverage

The past ten year's we have been refining the resources of the farm, and through innovative production methods developed traditional recepies into modern products. This work has given us tremendous sucsess, culminating in the very first Honorary Award from the Norwegian Meat Association in 2011.

In the World Championships of 2007 and 2010, which is held every third year in Frankfurt, we were rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, the total amount of 12, and this really gives us a position in the big, worldwide meat industry.

During the last few years we have reduced our refining considerably, to a level only providing guests, friends and ourselves with teasers, thus maintaining our skills through product developing and small production as a hobby.

Along with this we have started brewing ale; over-yeasted beer, such as Stout, Bitter and Pale Ale, not to forget Belgian Wit.