What to do

Møre and Romsdal offer a wealth of experiences, from the outermost island in the fjord mouth to majestic mountains. Some of the most spectacular attractions Norway has to offer are within reasonable distance. Geirangerfjorden, Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road are the best known, but there are many other hidden gems waiting to be discovered: the Aursjø road for instance, with its spectacular views and ultra-tight hairpin bends, or Eiksdalen, with the almost 900 metre-high Mardalsfossen waterfalls as just some of our recommendations for sightseeing. Within a boat ride are the fishing village of Håholmen with restaurant and pub, Kvitholmen with its lighthouse Hestskjæret fyr, and if the weather is good, the relocated fishing village of Grip can be reached, serviced by a ferry from Kristiansund. If you want to go exploring, there are countless islets, islands and inlets teeming with exciting animal life, and a fantastic flora. Averøy is perfect for hiking, and when you reach the top of the Meek ridge, you are rewarded with a fantastic view over fjord and mountains. From here, you can see all the way out to the oil installations offshore. There is also an active museum on the island, with fascinating collections from a long and tradition-rich history. And close by, is the timber church of Kvernes. The region has more to offer than its fantastic and spectacular scenery, the towns of Kristiansund, Molde and Ålesund all have their own charm and character: Kristiansund with its bustling port, Molde with its magnificent signal building and world-famous panorama, Ålesund with its Jugend-style and fascinating aquarium. Everything you need for an active, exciting and unforgettable holiday is here, waiting for you to come and help yourself.